Let’s create unique
Corporate Communication Experiences

How with subtle humor, class or simplicity a brand’s visual communication reached their audience back in time. Uniqueness and originality were, and always will, make the difference.

Investing into true Corporate Communication Experience, creating campaigns, that reflect the company’s values, strategy and knowledge about their target audience – their needs – will nurish brand awareness and trust into the brand. Especially nowadays with the immense amount of information throughout all touchpoints, it is more important then ever, to invest time into the creation process of Corporate Communication Experience.

Less is more. Make the more grow, with a true Corporate Communication Experience.

The Gallery Placart offers a classy presentation of original vintage posters dated 1900-1960 and the worldwide largest selection of litographs and engravings by Le Corbusier. Get some inspiration for your own Corporate Communication Experience: Discover the wonderful pieces of art.