Where the «since» is an experience.

Hairstyling art at its best has been celebrated since 1966. Respectful interaction with people, materials and nature. A deep-seated passion for styling and beauty. And highest standards in terms of the hairdresser’s craft, which shows in every detail. In the individuality that defines every area of the business.

From the first moment you get in touch with the brand, you feel the passion of the team. Take an appointment and it feels true. Receive a friendly mobile reminder and you might be grateful. Step into the salon and you are sincerely welcomed. Within all touchpoints the “albert – hair since 1966“ is a lived commitment.

Let your promise be the lead of your Customer Lifecycle Experience

Promises or claims are the best instrument to be the lead to creat a true Customer Lifecycle Experience. We always have the choice, to implement experiences along a customer journey in order to stay unique and surprise your customer. To make the difference as a strong, determined, focused corporation.