An exquisite experience.

Just recently I enjoyed a stay in Lanzarote and I was lucky – because I picked a spot that made the time abroad a true experience. What do we expect from a hotel or a restaurant? What makes the real difference? Which are the nuances that make us reccomend a place to friends and family?

Hotel Boutique Palacio Ico is situated in the charming village of Teguise. The house has been curated in every single detail. Guests feel like at home and promises mentioned on the website are not only kept but truly lived. This is a place, where «the personal» is a commitment – there is a special treat for each personality. And this is what makes a place really unique: To fulfill different expectations and to offer an individual service.

Hotel Boutique Palacio Ico – Teguise

In addition to the authentic hotel experience there is the restaurant, with its small but exclusive selection of local specialities. Plates and ingredients are accurately paired by the Chef, who came to my table to have a chat, answering my questions about his creations. One could feel his passion for its metier and his accuracy within every single step from kitchen to guest – all clearly defined and perceptible. The positive attitude of the team, the individual plate and dish design for each creation, the culinary style.

A true experience through all touchpoints: interior design, professional’s attitude, culinary arts and an inspiring library.

«Before I left, I was offered a piece of their delicious lemon cake.»

The stay in this place was a positive experience in any sense. Through all touchpoints quality was on a top level. The employees were interested into the needs and preferences of the guest. So as to even surprise them: Before leaving the place and after having ordered an Espresso, I was served a slice of my favourite sweet bite I enjoyed a few days before. – What a delight.

It does not take much to create unique experiences. Passion, dedication and a good portion of accuracy is the recipe for the exquisite experience – no matter wheter in culinary arts or any other field. – Marzia Di Placido