Harbin Opera House

«How would you feel, walking up the stairs of this amazing architectural project? Amazed? And would you visit the venue a second time?» The architect’s Design Process The architectural procession choreographs a conceptual narrative, one that transforms visitors into performers. Upon entering the grand lobby, visitors will see large transparent glass walls spanning the grand… Weiterlesen

Mandy Graham

The beauty of simplicity. Los Angeles based designer Mandy Graham illustrates a body of work that embraces both the ornate and minimal. The diversity of her projects share a design philosophy that clearly defines a cohesive balance of texture, light and form. The use of such restraint communicates an aesthetic that is both timeless and sophisticated.… Weiterlesen

John Pawson for Valextra

The product identity reflects part of your company’s DNA. British architectural designer John Pawson has reinvented Valextra’s flagship store in Via Manzoni, Milan. The brand has worked with Pawson on a longer-term interpretation of the store marrying the minimal, clean elegance and restrained luxury of its minimalism with the designer’s own philosophy of space. Let… Weiterlesen

Galerie Placart

Let’s create uniqueCorporate Communication Experience How with subtle humor, class or simplicity a brand’s visual communication reached their audience back in time. Uniqueness and originality were, and always will, make the difference. Investing into true Corporate Communication Experience, creating campaigns, that reflect the company’s values, strategy and knowledge about their target audience – their needs… Weiterlesen